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About Pat Little

Meet the artist who works out of her studio in Abaline, KS. Learn more about this master painter of vintage American nostaliga.

Pat Little – Artist of Vintage American Nostalgia

A View From Outside

Pat Little

Pat Little is a master of a lost tradition now found in her fine paintings of antique wooden art images and framed signage. Pat’s style can perhaps be accurately described as rich in a traditional look of VINTAGE AMERICAN NOSTALGIA, but that says little to illustrate the rare quality of her work.

Pat’s love of art and framing began as a very young child. She was raised on the plains of the rural Midwest filled with family vegetable and flower gardens, horses, livestock, carousals from a traveling circus, visions of the wild west, and the splendor of the outdoors and wildlife all about. Over the years, she can’t remember a time when she wasn’t drawing or painting at every turn of her life.

At one point some 30 years ago, she worked commercially as a sign painter for businesses and began to add unique art, illustrations and design compositions to her work. From there on everything changed.

Today, from her own nostalgic white wooden vintage art studio on a farm in West Kansas, Pat continues her work with a corral of horses watching over her shoulder. The same love for simplicity, which fills the well worn chair she continues to work in, amazes us with ever new and uniques, fine time honored paintings.

Equally at home with painting honored subjects from a country garden to wildlife, to western and outdoor themes, as well as many others, Pat captures with the addition of genuine antique lettered accents, compositions with an extra special interest and unrivaled depth. They’re a stand alone story, a poetic verse in paint illustrations and time.

On an unusual note, her mastery of art, technique and composition crosses all barriers in subject and form. Pat’s multi-dimensional expertise is expressed in painting vintage images with carefully crafted lettering styles. Her paintings of fruit, flowers, wildlife, and people, along with authentic antique objects and images, cover a very broad range of subjects. This indeed, is very rarely found in a solitary artist. With such diversity and all so wonderfully fulfilled, Pat has for the last 30 years enjoyed a special public acclaim and privileged success.

Pat’s husband Wayne, a master craftsman and woodworker in his own right, makes a meaningful contribution to Pat’s work. He has worked full-time, crafting and construction the antique wooden substrate she paints on. He procures the raw material for her work by identifying and disassembling antique wooden buildings and weathered structures that would otherwise be destine for destruction. Many unique and innovative tools and techniques have been custom built to produce a finished product with exacting detail and tight tolerances. This is especially difficult considering that mos all of the procured materials from these worn and weathered structures are often bent, warped and twisted.

Pat Little